Lyrics and Music from the

Granary Steps CD

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Lyrics and Sheet Music

Download CARA's lyics and sheet music from the Granary Steps CD in Adobe pdf

Now you have heard CARA playing the music via the mp3s maybe you would like to have a go yourself. Sing along or play the tune. Simply select the title and click on the Adobe pdf image. The music/lyrics of your choice will open in Adobe Reader.

If you don't have version 5.0 or above of Adobe Reader/Acrobat then why not download the latest version direct from Adobe by clicking on the image below).

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The First in Summer Oakley
Download The First In Summer music in pdf
Planxty George Brabazon Turloch O'Carolan
Download Planxty George Brabazon in pdf
The Hunter's Home E Reavey
Download The Hunter's Homes music in PDF
The Curlew Trad.
Download The Curlew in PDF
A Mile From the Crossroads Mike Ryan
Download A Mile From the Crossroads in PDF
Jim Coleman's Trad.
Download Jim Coleman's music in PDF
The Man From Mullaghroe Oakley
Download The Man From Mullaghroe music & chords in PDF
The Jackpike Mike Ryan
Download The Jackpike in pdf format
Down the Broom Trad.
Download Down the Broom in pdf format
If I Ever Hear The Old Flute Played Again Mike Ryan
Download If I Ever Hear The Old Flute Played Again in pdf
The Handfasting Mike Ryan
Download The Handfasting in pdf
The Hysterical Cuckoo Mike Ryan
Download The Hysterical Cuckoos in pdf
Martin Wynn's No 1 Martin Wynn
Download Martin Wynn's No 1 music in pdf
Martin Wynn's No 2 Martin Wynn
Download Martin Wynn's No 2 in pdf
Planxty George Pickering Oakley
Download Planxty George Pickering music in pdf
Harp or Keyboard
McGarry's Oakley
Download McGarry's music in PDF
O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick Trad.
Download O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick music in PDF
Long Way Up Oakley
Download Long Way Up music in PDF
Last Night's Fun Trad.
Download Last Night's Fun music in PDF
End of the Summer Oakley
Download End of the Summer music in PDF
Harp or Keyboard
The Shades of Sweet Drumdoe Trad. arr Mike Ryan
Download The Shades of Sweet Drumdoe music in PDF
Download The Shades of Sweet Drumdoe lyrics in PDF
Morgan the Grandchild Mike Ryan
Download Morgan the Grandchild music in pdf
The Coolin Trad.
McFadden's Trad.
Download McFadden's music in PDF
The Andover Fist Oakley
Download The Andover Fist music in PDF
Donegal Mazurka Trad.
Download Donegal Mazurka music in pdf

The 'Granary Steps' CD Cover

The Granary Steps CD Cover

CD © CARA 2006


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