David Kidman reviews Cara's fourth CD 'The Granary Steps'
"When I reviewed Cara's last CD 'Long Forgotten', I said it ensured that they wouldn't ever be! And yes, 'The Granary Steps' is if anything even finer a demonstration of their thoughtful approach to Irish traditional music, responding first and foremost to its intrinsic beauty.
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CARA - Original Celtic Inspired Music

The band, based in North Lincolnshire, has been writing and performing traditional and original celtic-inspired music since 2001 when a set of chance encounters led them to appreciate the potential of working together. Click here to launch CARA's Music Box to listen to the music.

CARA on stagte at MsMM 2005


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'The Granary Steps'

CARA's fourth studio CD recorded in Ireland in August 2006. Available here now!

The all new Granary Steps CD

Sheet Music & Lyrics to download

Music and lyrics from our first three CDs 'Asleep Behind The Settee', 'The Notes In The Stones', 'Long Forgotten' and The Granary Steps are now available for download and for your enjoyment.

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