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CARA's Music Box

With CARA's Music Box you can enjoy listening to CARA's unique blend of celtic-inspired and traditional music. CARA's Music Box works with all web browsers so you don't have to worry about having a certain media Player. However, your browser must have JavaScript enabled (please follow the JavaScript link to find out how). It also helps if you turn on your speakers or headphones!

What to do next

Please select the CD from the right hand side of this page. A new page will open and in a few seconds (maybe a little longer if you don't have a broadband connection) the first track of the CD will start playing. If you leave the page open (or minimise it) CARA's Music Box will continue to play through the tracks on the CD. You can use the controls to stop, start and skip tracks (if you must). The fast forward is a bit weird but hey give it a try (you can't scratch an online MP3).

You can also turn off the sound via CARA's Music Box controls and the sound will automatically stop when you close the page.

Buy our CDs

Of course you will find that the sound quality of our CDs is far superior to the streaming music we can share with you via the Internet and so to get the full CARA musical experience we suggest you buy them!

Please choose a CD to listen to by clicking on a cover below
CARA's brand NEW CD 'The Granary Steps'
Recorded August 2006
Listen to the Long Forgotten CD tracks
Recorded in 2004
Listen to The Notes In The Stones CD Tracks
Recorded in 2003
Listen to Aleep Behind The Settee Tracks
Recorded in 2002
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