Lyrics and Music from the

Long Forgotten CD

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Lyrics and Sheet Music

Download CARA's lyics and sheet music from the Long Forgotten CD in Adobe pdf

Now you have heard CARA playing the music via the mp3s maybe you would like to have a go yourself. Sing along or play the tune. Simply select the title and click on the Adobe pdf image. The music/lyrics of your choice will open in Adobe Reader.

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The Faerie Queen

Download The Faerie Queen music in pdf
John Davidson's Pipe Oakley
Download John Davidson's Pipe (reel) in pdf
Download John Davidson's Pipe (jig) in pdf

One More Day

Download One More Day music & lyrics in PDF
Download One More Day music in PDF

Moran's Return

Download Moran's Return music & chords in PDF

So now I'm going to Wales

Download So Now I'm going to Wales music & chords in PDF

The Yellow Fiddle

Janey Beharrell
Download The Yellow Fiddle music & chords in PDF

The First

Janey Beharrell
Download The First music and chords in pdf format
The Distant Hills Oakley
Download The Distant Hills music and chords in pdf
John's Floating Angst Ryan
Download John's Floating Angst music in pdf
Paul's Long Farewell Ryan
Download Paul's Long Farewell music in pdf
Bootyman's Umbrella Ryan
Download Bootyman's Umbrella music in PDF
The Company Of Bricklayers Oakley
Download A Compnay Of Bricklayers music in PDF
Great Uncle's Warning Ryan
Download Great Uncle's Warning music in pdf
Download Great Uncle's Warning lyrics in pdf
Funky Maggie Ryan
Download Funky Maggie Music in pdf
Long Forgotten Oakley/Ryan
Download Long Forgotten music in pdf
Download Long Forgotten lyrics in pdf
Long Forgotten (Keyboard or Harp arrangement)
Download Long Forgotten music for harp or keyboard in pdf

The 'Long Forgotten' CD Cover

Long Forgotten CD Cover

CD © CARA 2004


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